How to configure two different Self-Service portals

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How to create the second instance of Self-Service portal? I have two domains and whant to have a separate portal for each domain.

To create the second instance of Self-Service portal, do the following:

  1. In the NetWrix Password Manager installation directory, create a new folder.
  2. Copy the entire content of Web_SS folder to the new folder.
  3. Run Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  4. Create a new virtual directory in the same site, where the PM virtual directory is located (by default it is %ComputerName%/Sites/Default Web Site/PM).
  5. In the Add Virtual Directory dialog, populate the Physical path field with the new folder full name, for example C:Program files (x86)Netwrix Password ManagerWeb_SS_2. Click OK.

NOTE: In this case all the Branding settings  (logo, support phone/link, prdefined domaine, etc) will be copied too. However changing of these settings via the Administrative portal will only affect the original Self-Service portal.

Refer to the following KB for instructions on hiding domain list and setting predefined domain for portals:

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