How to filter out certain users from reports

6.5 and older
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How do I filter out certain users from mailbox access reports?

To exclude a specific user from the mailbox access reports you need to add that user to userstoexclude.txt located in the product installation directory.
Since this file is read in the beginning of each data collection, it would only affect newly collected data.

The file structure is following:
  • Each entry must be a separate line.
  • Wildcards (* and ?) are supported.
  • Lines that start with the # sign are treated as comments and are ignored.
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NOTE. The userstoexclude.txt file contains a list of users who must be excluded from reports if they perform non-owner access to mailboxes.
But the audit data for these users will still be stored in the snapshots, so if a user is removed from this list, the information on the user actions can be viewed with the Report Viewer.

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