Non-Owner Mailbox Access User Email Customization

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How do I customize e-mails that get sent to users for Non-Owner Mailbox Access.

1. Open up Non-Owner Mailbox Access

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2. Make sure Notify Users is checked and Click on Customize.
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From here, you can edit the text to suit your needs. The template uses HTML formatting, so all formatting options are available to customize the templates to your needs. To add variables that are specific to Netwrix Non-Owner Mailbox Access, click on Insert.
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The variables above represent the following data:

{AccountName} The account who accessed information.
{AccessTime} When the above account accessed said information.
{OwnerMailbox} What mailbox was accessed.
{ComputerName} What computer the report was generated on.
{ExchangeServer} What Exchange Server the access occurred on.
{AccessType} What action was performed on said mailbox.
{AccessDetails} More detailed information on the access performed.

To represent what data you want in the subject, use the following:


To format the data in a nice HTML table fashion, you can use the following:


COLUMNHEADERS: uses comma delimited text to represent the name of the headers.
COLUMNVALUES: uses comma delimited information to represent the data within the tables. This location is where you will use the above variables, such as {AccountName}.

For more information on HTML tags and information on how to use HTML, please visit

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