Exclude specific accounts from being processed

Inactive User Tracker
6.5 and older
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How to exclude specific accounts from being monitored in Inactive User Tracking.

In order to exclude certain accounts from being monitored do the following:

1) Locate the filter.txt in the installation directory (for Netwrix Auditor 6.5 and older) or C:\ProgramData\Netwrix Auditor\Inactive Users Tracker\ (for 7.0 and newer).

Note: the product must perform at least one collection for that file to appear.

2) Open this file and add the accounts you want to exclude.  You may also use the * wildcard to exclude multiple accounts with one entry.

For example if you wanted to exclude all accounts which started with svc you would add “svc*” to the text file (without quotations).

To exclude many accounts at once which belong to the same OU please see the following KB Article: https://kb.netwrix.com/2317

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