The best way to find the Attribute Name when configuring Real Time Alerts

6.5 and older
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When configuring Real Time Alerts in Netwrix Auditor – Active Directory it can sometimes be difficult to ensure you have the proper attribute names selected.

There are various methods for ensuring you get the proper attribute name however the best method if you have access to the Netwrix SQL databases is to simply run a query to find exactly what it is.

1) Find a change in your Change Summary Reports that you want to create a real time alert for.

2) Note the bold text in the Details column.  For purposes of this KB we will call this the friendly attribute name.

3) Log into SQL Management Studio and connect to the SQL Instance which contains your Netwrix Active Directory database.

4) Expand Databases and find the Netwrix Active Directory database.  By default this is NetWrix_AD_Change_Reporter.

5) Right click the database and select New Query.

6) Run the following query against the database replacing the variables between the %. 

Select * from dbo.PropChanges where PropName like '%friendly attribute name%'

For example if you are wanting to create a real time alert for when someone gets locked out the friendly attribute name would be User Account Locked Out and so I would run the following query against the database.

Select * from dbo.PropChanges where PropName like 'User Account Locked Out'

7)  In the query results you will see two columns PropName and PropNameInt.  All PropNames should be exactly what you queries for and the resulting PropNameInt is the attribute name you will use in your real time alert.

For the above example the PropNameInt for User Account Locked Out is lockoutTime

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