How to move reporting databases to a new drive

Netwrix Auditor SQL Databases
6.5 and older
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How do I move the Netwrix Reporting databases to another drive?

1) Open SQL Management Studio on the computer where the SQL Instance resides.
2) Right click on the database you would like to move and go to Properies.
3) Under Select a page, select Files.
4) By default there will be two files for each database, an MDF and an LDF file.  Note the location of these files in the Path column.
5) Hit Okay
6) Right click the database and go to Tasks -> Detach.
7) In the Detach Database Window check the box to Drop Connections and hit Okay.
8) Navigate to the location from step #4 and copy the MDF and LDF file to the new location.
9) In SQL Management Studio right click the Databases folder and select Attach.
10) Click Add under Databases to Attach and select the location and MDF file for the database and hit okay (The LDF will be located automatically if in the same location).
11) Hit okay again on the Attach databases screen.  Your database should now be attached once again and now residing in it’s new location.

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