How to install individual features for Netwrix Auditor

Setup and Configuration
6.5 and older
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How do I install individual features for Netwrix Auditor?

When running the Netwrix Auditor installation wizard, you can check the windows temporary files directory to install separate features.

  1. Open the Netwrix Auditor installation executable
  2. When it asks if you to Unpack,  click Yes
  3. The main installation wizard will pop-up, leave this window open
  4. Go to %temp% or the local temp directory for the current user logged in
  5. There should be a folder named RarSFX0, open this folder
  6. Open the Modules folder
  7. Here you will find setup msi files for each of the features(adcrfull, fscrfull, iutfull, etc)
  8. Run the specific msi for the feature you need to install
  9. After you have installed the feature(s) you want, you can close out of the Netwrix Auditor installation wizard.
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