Can any additional attribites be displayed in the modification reports?

Active Directory
6.5 and older
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How do I get the values of the additional attributes to be displayed in any particular SSRS based report.


It is possible to make some the following reports display the values of the additional attributes. Usually the reports are called Modification/Created/Deleted with details. The most popular are the following:
– All User Changes with Advanced Attributes;
– User Created with Details;
– User Deleted with Details;

To do that please follow the steps:
1. Determine the report you want to show the additional information in:
a. If you want the "Modification" report to show the additional attributes you need – processmodifiedprops.txt file located in the installation folder;
b. For "Created" reports – processaddedprops.txt;
c. For "Deleted" reports – processdeletedprops.txt;

2. Find out the AD object you are interested in. For example: user, computer, group, etc.

3. Find out the attribute name you want to be displayed. Like: mail, employeeID, etc. The attribute can be found in the Attribute editor in Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in. Note: it is case sensitive.

4. Open the text file according to the first step and put the following line: objectType:Attribute:
NOTE: Each attribute should be put in a separate line. The pound key at the beginning of a line means exclusion of the line.

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