How to exclude specific accounts from being reported?

Active Directory
6.5 and older
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 In the monitored environment there are a lot of service accounts which make changes however there are just a few accounts whose activity must be monitored.  How can the Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory can be configured to monitor changes made by just  these specific accounts?

To monitor just certain accounts activity, you can use filtering in the All Active Directory Changes Report.  You can specify the necessary accounts each time you are running the report or create a subscription for this report and specify user accounts whose activity must be reported or whose activity must be excluded from change reports. For that do the following:

  1. Open Netwrix Auditor Console  
  2. Expand Managed object > Active Directory > Reports>All Changes Reports
  3. Select All Active Directory Changes report and click the “Subscribe..” button in the right pane
  4. In the Report Subscription Wizard:
  • Click next, specify subscription name and description and select All Active Directory Changes report  then click next
  • Add Report recipients, click the next button
  • Specify the accounts which need to be excluded from the report in domain_nameaccount_name format, then select the delivery file format and click next  User-added image
  • Configure report delivery schedule and click Finish             


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