How to omit warnings in Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory when audit is properly configured?

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6.5 and older
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I recieve warnings about some of my domain controllers while they are properly configured and do not have any issues.
How can I omit warnings in Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory?

Netwrix Auditor may throw warnings about some of your domain controllers. This article should be used when the audit is properly configured and/or the connection between the Netwrix server and the affected domain controller is not stable (RPC errors).

Caution! This article should not be used when “System” is shown in “Who Changed” column of the daily summary report.

To omit the warnings:

  1. Navigate C:\Program Files (x86)\Netwrix Auditor\Active Directory Auditing 
  2. Open agent.ini.
  3. Add FQDN’s in the following format: <domain_controller>=suppresswarnings
For example:

Each DC should be entered on a separate line.

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