How to save and zip the Netwrix Auditor System Health Event Log

Setup and Configuration
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Depending on your preference, you may execute the following command in an Admin session of Command Prompt or follow the steps to manually export the Netwrix Auditor System Health Event Log

wevtutil epl "Netwrix Auditor" %userprofile%\desktop\NASH.evtx 

How to save Netwrix System Health Event Logs manually:

1. Open the Microsoft Event Viewer

2. Expand the “Applications and Services Logs” folder

Netwrix Auditor System Health Logs

3.Right-click the “Netwrix Auditor System Health” log file and select “Save All Events As…”

Save All Events As

5.Type a name for the file, and click Save
6. Once file is saved, Right click it and Zip the file

Sending Netwrix Auditor Collector Logs

Your Technical Support Engineer may request your Netwrix Auditor Collector Logs. Follow the steps here.

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