The “Object Permissions by User” report subscription email delivered with errors

Last review: Oct 10, 2015
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Instead of the "Object Permissions by User" report you receive the following error in the Netwrix Auditor System Health log:

Source: Notification Sender
Event ID: 2222
The "Subscription to the 'Object Permissions by User' report (1)" subscription could not be generated due to the following error: Could not find file 'C:Program DataNetwrix AuditorReportsNetwrix Auditor for File ServersState-in-Time reportsObject Permissions by User.rdl'


This report is no longer supported by the product.

  1. Delete the "Object Permissions by User" subscription: in the Netwrix Auditor client, navigate to Subscriptions and click delete next to this subscription.
  2. To receive more detailed report on object permissions for user accounts, create a subscription to the "Account Permissions" report. For detailed instructions on how to create a subscription, see Netwrix Auditor User Guide.
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