How to configure the SMS notifications feature for Password Expiration Notifier?

Password Expiration Notifier
6.5 and older
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How do I configure the SMS notifications feature?

Perform the following steps to configure the Password Expiration Notifier SMS notifications:

  1. – Run the program configurator tool in basic mode.
  2. – Check the checkbox next to the “Notify Users using text messages (SMS) “ option and click the Configure button.
  3. – Specify the time when to notify users via text messages notification.
  4. – Specify the provider name service (the provider who provides SMS notification service; for example)
  5. – Specify the Property name. This is the name on the Telephones tab of the Active Directory user account properties. This field contains the recipient phone number and its value will be used by the software (it is the Pager property by default).
  6. – Click the OK button.

By default, Password Expiration Notifier looks for the pager number in the Pager field and assumes that the pager number is specified in the following format:


The “Provider name” and “Property name” fields need to be filled out only if the pager number specified in the non-default field (pager field) contain only the pager number without the operator name (145625378 instead of 145625378@ for example).

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