How to remove languages from the Self-Service Portal

Password Manager
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How to remove certain languages from the list displayed on the Self-Service portal?

In order to remove languages from the webpage, please perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Web_SS\Locals subfolder of the Password Manager installation directory
  2. Change the file extension for all languages that should not be displayed on the web portal
  3. Execute iisreset command on the web-server
File Language
cn.asp Chinese
de.asp German
en.asp English
es.asp Spanish
fr.asp French
he.asp Hebrew
it.asp Italian
jp.asp Japanese
ko.asp Korean
pt.asp Portuguese
ru.asp Russian
sk.asp Slovak
zh.asp Traditional Chinese

EXAMPLE: to remove German, rename the de.asp file to de.asp.old 

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NOTE: English (en.asp) cannot be removed  by design of the software
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