How to customize text in the Password Manager Self-Service portal

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How can I customize text strings in the Password Manager Self-Service Portal?

All text on the Password Manager Self-Service Portal is determined by string values and can be changed.
If you want to customize any string of text in the Self-Service portal, do the following:
  1. Navigate to the Password Manager installation folder.
  2. Locate the sub-folder called Web_SS\Locals.
  3. Locate the .asp file that corresponds with the language used on the Self-Service portal. By default – en.asp. Open it with Notepad.
  4. Edit any string value in the file and save it
  5. Execute iisreset command

Names of values are intuitive. If you want to remove a string of text completely, leave the value blank.

For example, if you want to tremove the copyright text, set strCopyright=

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File Language
cn.asp Chinese
de.asp German
en.asp English
es.asp Spanish
fr.asp French
he.asp Hebrew
it.asp Italian
jp.asp Japanese
ko.asp Korean
pt.asp Portuguese
ru.asp Russian
sk.asp Slovak
zh.asp Traditional Chinese


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