What are Netwrix Auditor bandwidth requirements?

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What are the network bandwidth requirements for Netwrix Auditor: Active Directory?

The network bandwidth requirements for Netwrix Auditor depend on whether Agents are enabled to collect data from the domain controllers:

  • Without Agents:

Bandwidth is calucalated as a sum of the security logs for each monitored domain controller. For example, if 7 domain controllers generate 50 MB of events per day, 350 MB will be transferred daily.

  • With Agents:

Agents are used to optimize traffic usage in poor network conditions. Agents are lightweight executables that run on domain controllers, collect data, pre-filter it and send to Netwrix Auditor in a highly compressed format. Agents require approximately 1 Kb per AD change. Essentially, the bandwidth requirements depend on the amount of change to the AD environment. For example, if 100 changes are done daily, 100 Kb of data will be transferred across all the domain controllers.

To enable agents, navigate to Netwrix Auditor -> <your_Managed_Object> -> Active Directory and check “Enable Lightweight Agents” option.

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