How to monitor the ESX and ESXi Servers

6.5 and older
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Can I specify a standalone ESX/ESXi Server to be monitored for changes, or I can add the VMware Center Server only?

You can add any ESX or ESXi Server instance, as well as a VMware Center Server instance, by doing the following:

  1. In NetWrix Enterprise Management Console, right-click Managed Objects and select New Managed Object. The New Managed Object wizard will start.
  2. On the Select Managed Object Type page, select VMware Virtual Center, and click Next. 
  3. On the Specify VMware Virtual Center Name page, specify the VMware center name, ESX or ESXi IP and the Data Processing Account, an account used to run scheduled task for this Management Object. 
  4. On the Add Modules page, ensure that the VMware Change Reporter module is selected, and click Next. 
  5. On the Reports Settings page, select the Enable Reports check box, to use the Advanced Reporting feature and click Next. 
  6. On the Recipients of VMware Change Reporter E-Mail Reports page, add Change Summary recipients and specify credentials for the account that the product will use to access the managed VMware server. Click Next.
  7. On the last page, review your Managed Object settings details and click Finish.
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