How to remove agents from server?

Event Log Management
6.5 and older
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How do I remove NetWrix Event Log Agent services installed on servers?

To remove the NetWrix Event Log Agent service from a server, perform the following: 
Run the EventManager.exe with the deleteAgents key and the following parameter: "the management object name" (the server name) in double quotes. 
Alternatively, you can perform the following: 
  1. Open NetWrix Enterprise Management Console. Click the Event Log Manager node and clear the Enable network traffic compression checkbox. 
  2. On the server you want to remove the agent service from, navigate to Start -> Run and type services.msc. Locate the NetWrix Event Log Agent service and stop it. 
  3. Launch Task Manager. If there are nwagentsvc.exe processes running, stop them. 
  4. Open Command prompt and type sc delete nwagentsvc. Press Enter.
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