How to change the text of email notifications

Password Manager
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Is there a way for me to change the text in these emails that come out when a users signs up to Netwrix Password Manager?

There is a way to change the text of notifications.

E-mail templates are stored in the Templates subfolder of the Password Manager installation directory.
There are a lot of text files for different languages there.
Some useful tips:

  1. We use clear titles for template text files. For example, the file “change_body_template.txt” contains the body text of the email sent as a change password notification.
  2. There are 2 files for each type of notification: one for the subject of an email and one for the body.
  3. Files with “_adm” in the filename are templates for emails sent to administrators (specified on Admin portal/Settings/Alerts), while files without “_adm” are sent to the user(s).
  4. Languages are specified as additional postfix (for example “_de”, “_fr”)

Avaliable languages:

File Language
cn.asp Chinese
de.asp German
en.asp English
es.asp Spanish
fr.asp French
he.asp Hebrew
it.asp Italian
jp.asp Japanese
ko.asp Korean
pt.asp Portuguese
ru.asp Russian
sk.asp Slovak
zh.asp Traditional Chinese

However Password Manager uses only files without postfix in the name (for example action_body_template.txt, not action_body_template_ko.txt ) to send notification. Here is the full list of files used:

  • action_body_template.txt
  • action_subject_template.txt
  • change_body_template.txt
  • change_body_template_adm.txt
  • change_subject_template.txt
  • change_subject_template_adm.txt
  • enroll_body_template.txt
  • enroll_body_template_adm.txt
  • enroll_subject_template.txt
  • enroll_subject_template_adm.txt
  • reset_body_template.txt
  • reset_body_template_adm.txt
  • reset_subject_template.txt
  • reset_subject_template_adm.txt
  • unlock_body_template.txt
  • unlock_body_template_adm.txt
  • unlock_subject_template.txt
  • unlock_subject_template_adm.txt
  • verification_body_template.txt
  • verification_body_template_adm.txt
  • verification_subject_template.txt
  • verification_subject_template_adm.txt

To change the language of the template you should rename the respective templates to the default name.

For example, to switch text of notiication about password change to German, change_body_template_de.txt should be renamed to change_body_template.txt

Another option is just to edit the existing default English templates.

To do it, edit the .txt files located in the Templates subfolder of the Password Manager installation directory.

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