Netwrix Auditor Data Discovery and Classification Deployment Matrix

Data Discovery and Classification
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How can I interpret Netwrix Auditor Data Discovery and Classification requirements?

Review these recommendations and choose the most suitable deployment scenario and possible options depending on the IT infrastructure you are going to process with Netwrix Auditor Data Discovery and Classification:

  1. Starter/Proof of Concept deployments:
    • Handles up to 100 K files.
    • All components can be installed on a single machine: 3 cores, 12 GB RAM.
    • SQL Server: 2008 R2 Express Edition and above.
  2. Small environments:
  • Handles up to 2 M files.
  • Netwrix Auditor + DDC: 4 cores, 16 GB RAM.
  • SQL Server: 2 cores, 16 GB RAM
  1. Larger environments:
    • ​Handles up to 8 M files.
    • Netwrix Auditor: 8 – 16 cores, 16 – 64 GB of RAM depending on the amount of processed files.
    • DDC: 4 cores, 16 GB RAM.
    • SQL Server: 8 cores, up to 64 GB RAM to ensure responsiveness under heavy load.

Review the following deployment considerations:

  1. In any deployment scenario, Netwrix Auditor is considered as file storage. Adding additional data sources leads to resource enhancement.
  2. The list above contains approximate data. Monitor your system load anyway, especially if you are going to process large amount of files with Data Discovery and Classification.
  3. Keep in mind high product requirements for disk space. Use the following Netwrix guides to calculate disk space that the product may consume:


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