User Behavior Analytics Configuration

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What is it?

User Behavior Analytics (UBA) is a feature that is currently in a closed enrollment stage. Here is an excerpt taken from the Netwrix Auditor 9.9 Installation and Configuration Guide:

“Netwrix Behavior Anomaly Insight is an advanced cloud-based module of Netwrix Auditor solution that enables you to detect behavior anomalies in your IT environment, such as activity surges or mass deletions of archived data. As you investigate suspicious activity and review incidents, you can identify intruders or in-house actors who keep violating your company’s security policies. The behavior anomalies assessment provides both a high-level visualization and a detailed history of malicious user activity. It accumulates historical data over time and gives you a bird’s eye view on the activity patterns. With Netwrix Behavior Anomaly Insight you can step beyond individual actions and investigate more complicated user behavior scenarios that might otherwise stay concealed for a long time.”

How can I opt-in for UBA?

To benefit from Netwrix Behavior Anomaly Insight functionality, you will need a special license. Contact your Netwrix sales representative for details.

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