How to Send Netwrix Auditor Logs

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Technical Support may request your Netwrix Auditor Logs for troubleshooting purposes. To help resolve your ticket, please follow these steps:

Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Netwrix Auditor\Logs
Note: If you have performed a Working Folder Migration, your logs will be located on the drive you chose to host the Working Folder.

Copy the Logs folder to another location and zip the Logs folder by right clicking the folder and choosing “Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder”.

Open a web browser and navigate to and upload the zipped Logs Folder, providing your Name and Email Address to complete the upload. Providing your Name and Ticket Number in the upload message/title will assist your Technical Support Engineer in managing your logs.

Once the upload is complete, notify your Technical Support Engineer so that they can begin evaluating your logs.

Sending Netwrix Auditor System Health Log

Your Technical Support Engineer may also request your Netwrix Auditor System Health Log. Follow the steps here to export the event log.

Alternatively, you can execute the following command in an Admin session of Command Prompt:

wevtutil epl "Netwrix Auditor" %userprofile%\desktop\NASH.evtx
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