Netwrix Auditor Acronyms and Initialisms

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Whether it’s to better understand folder/file structure of Netwrix Auditor or better communicate with Technical Support, it’s important to know Netwrix Auditor acronyms and initialisms.

Netwrix Auditor Collectors

ADA: Active Directory Auditing – In reference to the Active Directory Monitoring Plan

FSA: File Server Auditing – In reference to the Windows File Server Monitoring Plan

NAND: Netwrix Auditor for Network Devices – In reference to the Network Devices Monitoring Plan

NLA: Network Logon Activity – In reference to the Logon Activity Monitoring Plan

SP/SPO: SharePoint/SharePoint Online – In reference to the SharePoint/SharePoint Online Monitoring Plan

SQLA: SQL Auditing – In reference to the SQL Server Monitoring Plan

UAVR: User Activity Video Reporter/Recorder – In reference to the User Activity Monitoring Plan. This initialism is technically antiquated since the release of Netwrix Auditor 9.8 allows administrators to audit User Activity without the act of recording the screen.

VMA: VMWare Auditing – In reference to the VMWare Monitoring Plan

WSA: Windows Server Auditing – In reference to the Windows Server Monitoring Plan

Netwrix Auditor Components

DCA/DPA: Data Processing Account/Data Collection Account – The account used to collect audited data.

LTA: Long Term Archive – Long Term Storage for Activity Records

MP: Monitoring Plan

NA: Netwrix Auditor

NDC: Netwrix Data Classification

STA: Short Term Archive – Location used for event processing

%PROGRAMDATA%: Hidden directory in which Netwrix Logs and Activity Records are stored

Auxiliary Components

Note: These components are not owned or developed by Netwrix

SQL: The SQL Server – Hosts databases used to stored and query audit data

SSMS: SQL Server Management Studio – Program used to interface with the SQL Server.

SSRS: SQL Server Reporting Services – Generates reports using audit data in SQL databases

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