Moving NDC Index Files

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You would like to move the indexed files created by Netwrix Data Classification.


Most commonly performed when the C drive is reaching limited capacity.


  1. Run the Netwrix Data Classification Service Viewer utility (default location – %ProgramFiles%\ConceptSearching\ServiceViewer\conceptServiceViewer.exe) and stop the NDC services:
    • Collector Service
    • Indexer Service
    • Classifier Service
  2. Copy all CSE files from the original folder (default – %ProgramFiles%/ConceptSearching/ConceptDB) to the new location
  3. Run conceptConfig.exe from the locations below (default paths), enter the new index files path into Folder for CSE Files and click Save
    • C:\inetpub\wwwroot\conceptQS\bin
    • %ProgramFiles%\ConceptSearching\Services\ConceptCollectorService
    • %ProgramFiles%\ConceptSearching\Services\conceptIndexer
  4. Start the NDC services using the service viewer utility
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