Deploying the Report Server Database

Setup and Configuration
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You’re either setting up SQL and Reporting Services for the first time or performing a Netwrix Auditor migration.


The Report Server Database is a required element for processing and generating reports.


Launch the Report Server Configuration Manager and connect to the appropriate Report Server. (Note: In most cases, there were only be one Report Server and it should be hosted locally on the same server as SQL.)

Once connected, you will address the following tabs:

  • Web Service URL*
  • Web Portal URL*
  • Database

*= Only required for first time set up or reconfiguration of SSRS URLs.

Web Service URL

Click on the Web Service URL tab and click “Apply” on the bottom right of the window. This will initialize the URL for the Report Server.

Web Portal URL

Click on the Web Portal URL tab and click “Apply” on the bottom right of the window. This will initialize the Report Manager URL.


Click on the Database tab and choose “Change Database” and follow through with the image gallery:

If SQL Account permissions need to be reviewed, click here.

Once the database has been successfully deployed, we will need to enter the Report Server URLs into Netwrix Auditor.

Launch Netwrix Auditor and navigate to Settings. On the first tab, Audit Database, look for the section titled “SQL Server Reporting Services Settings”. Enter the URLs like so:

The Web Service URL is entered for the Report Server URL and the Web Portal URL is entered for the Report Manager URL.

If this is the first time you’re configuring SQL Server Reporting Services, please give the service account the permissions found here.

Netwrix Auditor should now be able to process and generate reports.

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