How To Upgrade Netwrix Auditor

Setup and Configuration
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Netwrix Auditor upgrades via a simple and quick in-place upgrade wizard.

Note: Please view this article to view proper upgrade increments. If you will be performing multiple increments, you must wait 24 hours between upgrades to give the SQL databases and Netwrix Auditor services ample time to update.

Beginning the Upgrade

If you have the capability to capture a snapshot of the server, we recommend doing so. Before we begin, launch a PowerShell session as Administrator and execute the following command:

Stop-Service -Displayname Netwrix*

This will stop all Netwrix Services and prevent complications during the upgrade.

Upgrade Wizard

The following steps represent a scenario for upgrading from 9.0 to 9.5.
All versions 8.0 to 9.9 will upgrade in a similar fashion. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Netwrix Auditor (8.0 and earlier), please view the additional steps under Post Upgrade > Legacy Steps.

Run as Admin

When upgrading, it is recommended to be logged in as the Data Collection Account.

Always right click the installer and choose “Run as Administrator”. The next window will include the options to view documentation for the new version.

We will be selecting “Install” to continue the upgrade. The next step will confirm the version to which you are upgrading.

Confirm the version and Click “Next”.

The “Customer Experience Program” is optional. This allows Netwrix Auditor to continually improve and provide updates. We will be selecting “I Accept”.
Finally, we will select “Install”. The installer will begin and finish after a few minutes. Once complete, you should see the following:
Congratulations, you have successfully upgraded!

Post Upgrade

Upon completion, Netwrix Auditor will launch. To confirm integrity, run the following tests:

  • Configuration: View your Monitoring Plans and settings to confirm the configuration successfully carried over.
  • SQL Connectivity: On the homepage click “Search” and run a search with your desired parameters. If data is returned, SQL connectivity is validated.
  • SSRS Connectivity: On the homepage click “Reports” and attempt to view a report for a data source that you are currently auditing. If the report successfully builds, SSRS connectivity is validated.
  • Legacy Steps: On version 8.5 and lower, you will need to launch the Netwrix Auditor Administrator Console and manually upgrade the Audit Databases in SQL.
    • Click “Audit Database” and then Click “Upgrade
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