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When attempting to view the report you receive a notification “NO MONITORING PLANS FOUND

There are three possible reasons for that issue:

  1. You have no Monitoring Plans that include the Data Source connected to the report you are looking at. For example, if you are generating a File Servers report, you must have at least one Monitoring Plan with File Servers Data Source in it.

To resolve the issue go to Monitoring Plans > Add Plan and select the corresponding Data Source. As soon as the first data is collected, it should show up in reports.

NOTE: Logon Activity is a separate Data Source and it should be added to the Monitoring Plan explicitly. Active Directory Data Source is not enough to display the information under Reports > Active Directory > Logon Activity

  1. You do have a Monitoring Plan and a Data Source for the report in question but it never collected any data or the data has not been uploaded to SQL
    1. Make sure that the data source is properly configured and data collections for it complete successfully:
      • Check if you added the Items correctly
      • Review the Health Log for possible actions that need to be taken
      • If you cannot make the Data Source work, contact Netwrix Technical Support via the customer portal or phone.
    2. Click “Edit settings” while in the Montoring Plan with the desired Data Source and make sure that:
      • Database is specified with default or custom connection parameters
      • Disable security intelligence and make data available only in activity summaries” checbox is NOT checked
  1. You are trying to view a report under “State-in-time” category and the State-in-time reporting feature is not enabled for the selected Data Source.
    • To resolve this issue enable State-in-time reporting for the desired Data Source. For example, for reports under “Active Directory – State-in-time” category:
      1. Open Active Directory Monitoring plan
      2. Select Active Directory Data Source

    • Click on “Edit Data Source”

    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and enable “Collect data for State-in-time reports”

Once the data is collected (once every 24 hours by default), it should become available in the report.

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