How to renew the Netwrix Data Classification for SharePoint (conceptClassifierApp) Client Secret

Netwrix Data Classification
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In order to renew the Add-In client secret on the SharePoint and Netwrix Data Classification sides, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the “Sources” section of the Administration Interface
  2. Select “SharePoint
  3. Expand “Settings
  4. Select “App Configuration
  5. Select “Edit” on the configuration you wish to renew and make note of the “ClientId” value (you will need this shortly)
  6. Follow the Microsoft Guide for creating a new client secret (the AppPrincipalId referred to in the guide is the “ClientId” value from step (5))
  7. Close the “Edit” dialog and select “Update Client Secret
  8. Enter your new value, along with the expiry date (typically either 1 or 3 years away).
  9. If your client secret has already expired then select the “Replace Current” option.
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