How to troubleshoot “Invalid Key” scenarios

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The below article details the steps that should be followed when any of the Windows Services show a message indicating an invalid license key. This scenario will be indicated by a specific message via the conceptServiceViewer application:

  • The registered license key is invalid
  • The index files key is invalid

Accompanied by a longer error in the “ConceptSearching” Event Viewer logs:

  • The registered license key is invalid
  • The Index files (CSEkey does not match the connected SQL database identifier

This issue typically occurs either during initial installation (due to permissions) or during configuration changes (moving CSE files, changing SQL database etc).

Stage 1 – Validating the Configuration

First, validate that the configuration is as expected for all services/applications:

  1. Open each of the service/application config locations. The default locations are:
    1. C:\Program Files\ConceptSearching\Services\ConceptCollectorService
    2. C:\Program Files\ConceptSearching\Services\ConceptIndexer
    3. C:\inetpub\wwwroot\conceptQS\bin
  2. Within each location run the program conceptConfig.exe
  3. Validate/Verify that each location is pointing to:
    1. The correct CSE file location. This is normally C:\Program Files\ConceptSearching\conceptDB but may be different. In a DQS environment this may be a different location on each server.
    2. The correct SQL database
  4. If using Windows Authentication please ensure that the service(s) and application pool(s) are configured to run as the correct user (Using services.msc and inetmgr respectively)

Stage 2 – Restarting the Windows Services

Having validated the configuration, please try restarting the services and confirm if the issue is resolved – if not please move onto stage 3.

Stage 3 – Resetting the Key Validation

In situations where the CSE files have been:

  • Manually replaced
  • Moved from another system
  • Updated manually

It may also be necessary to reset the validation check.

This should only be performed if you are completely confident that the configuration is correct. Performing this update will reset the validation – allowing the services to begin processing, if they are pointing to the wrong files this can ultimately cause index corruption. We would recommend raising a support ticket if you have any doubts.

  1. Stop all services
  2. Run the following SQL statement for a single server (non-DQS) environment:
    1. Single Server (non-DQS) Environment:            UPDATE Config SET LicenseKey = ‘RESET’
    2. DQS Environment:           UPDATE DQS SET LicenseKey = ‘RESET’
  3. Restart the services
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