How to move Netwrix working folder to a new location

Setup and Configuration
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During the data collection Netwrix Auditor stores temporary data (ShortTerm, STA) and trace logs in its working folder.

By default Netwrix working folder is located at %ProgramData%\Netwrix Auditor.  If the system drive on your Netwrix server is limited on space, there is an option to configure Netwrix to keep all temporary files and all the logs on another drive.


  • Do not mix up the working folder with the Long-Term Archive located by default at %ProgramData%\Netwrix Auditor\Data. If you need to move the Long-Term Archive, follow instructions provided in this article:
  • The working folder can be migrated only once. Before moving it, make sure the following registry path does not exist on your Netwrix Server: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Netwrix Auditor\DataPathOverride. If this path exists but the working folder needs to be moved, please contact Technical Support for assistance.

To migrate Netwrix working folder:

  1. Navigate to ‘%Netwrix installation folder%\Audit Intelligence‘ and execute WorkingFolderMigration.exe
  2. Specify the new destination.
    • NOTE: Do not use network shares! Temporary data can only be stored locally on the Netwrix server.
  3. Click Migrate
    • After the tool successfully completes the process, all temporary data from ‘%ProgramData%\Netwrix Auditor‘ will be copied to the specified location.
    • Successful result should look as follows:
  4. Compare the list of folders in the new location and the old location – these folders can be safely deleted from the old location
    • Some folders will have to stay at the old location but they will not consume much disk space


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