Netwrix Auditor Configuration Server Service fails to start

Setup and Configuration
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Netwrix Auditor Configuration Server Service has stopped. When attempting to restart the service, it stops again and there is the following message at Netwrix Auditor System Health log:

“The Netwrix Auditor Configuration Server Service service terminated with the following error:
A user-supplied component or subscriber raised an exception”

There are several possible causes for this issue:

  • C: drive of Netwrix Auditor server has reached its maximum size and was running out of free space
  • Unexpected shutdown of the Netwrix Auditor server (for example due to power outage)
  • Cross-program interaction (for example antivirus software blocks an operation performed by Netwrix Auditor)

Any of the above scenarios may lead to corruption of the configuration server status file.

In order to fix the issue, please follow the steps:

    1. Delete the file “Status.xml”, it is located at:
      C:\ProgramData\Netwrix Auditor\AuditCore\ConfigServer\
    2. Restart the following services:
      • Netwrix Auditor Core Service
      • Netwrix Auditor Configuration Server Service
      • Netwrix Auditor Archive Service

If after some time the issue reoccurs, please contact Netwrix Technical Support.

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