How to configure Disk Space Monitor reporting

Disk Space Monitor
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To configure the Disk Space Monitor software reporting, perform the following steps:

1) Run the software configurator tool.

2) Enter the names of the servers you want to monitor. Format examples (enter without quotes):
– Entire server: “myserver”
– UNC Path: “\\myserver\public
– Individual drive: “myserver\c:”
– Mount point: “myserver\c:\foldername\mount_point_name

3) Specify the threshold in MB of free space or percentage of available space (100 percent, for example).

4) Check “Send notifications in real-time“ if you want the software to check the servers every 10 minutes.

4) Supply a comma-separated list of e-mail addresses to send reports to (at least one e-mail is required).

5) Specify SMTP server settings (name, port, from address).

6) Click OK and enter an account name and password which will be used to generate reports.

This account must be powerful enough to connect to all managed servers using WMI.

It will work as follows:
The product task begins to work on a scheduled basis and repeats every 10 minutes, so disks are monitored in real-time.
When “Send notifications in real-time” checkbox is checked, the software sends notifications on the detected servers with low free disk space if disk capacity change occurs.
The default summary report schedule is daily at 3:00 AM.

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