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Q1: How do I populate the Account list with my users? Should I add each one individually or is there a method to add all users from a domain at once?
A1: Accounts are added to the list as soon as they are locked out. You do not need to populate the list.

Q2: Does Account Lockout Examiner have Windows 2008/R2 Server Support?
A2: The last version of Account Lockout Examiner has full support for Windows Server 2008/R2 domain controllers.

Q3: Can NetWrix Account Lockout Examiner run as a Windows service?
A3: NetWrix Account Lockout Examiner runs as a service, therefore it is not necessary to keep the program open once it has been configured.

Q4 Is IIS required on the machine/server where NetWrix Account Lockout Examiner is installed?
A4: Internet Information Services (IIS ) is only required for NetWrix Account Lockout Examiner Help-Desk Portal. If the Help-Desk Portal and NetWrix Account Lockout Examiner are installed on different computers, IIS must be installed on the computer with the Help-Desk Portal.

Q5: What the WMI queries are talking to on the DCs
A5: This queries use Windows Instrumentation management Service and requests for a) reading the security log and b) reading of account state

Here are some fields that are queried:

  • Win32_UserAccount
  • Win32_NTLogEvent
  • __InstanceCreationEvent
  • win32_process
  • Win32_OperatingSystem

Q6: Is a separate license required for the NetWrix Account Lockout Help-Desk Portal?
A6: No, you do not need a separate license. The Help-Desk portal is a part of NetWrix Account Lockout Examiner, so if you have purchased the product, the web portal goes with it.

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