How to make Netwrix Auditor upload data to SQL using TLS 1.2?

Netwrix Auditor SQL Databases
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This KB describes a process of configuring Netwrix and SQL server to communicate via the secure channel – TLS version 1.2.

    1. Make sure TLS 1.2 is enabled on both servers. The easiest way to do that is using IIS Crypto software. The TLS 1.2 security provider should be marked with checkbox at Server Protocols and Client Protocols under the Schannel tab.
    2. In order to find the version of Native Client start the ODBC Administrator on the Netwrix Auditor host, right-click the Start button and then choose Run, in the Run window, type the following, followed by Enter:
    3. Check the Version column under the Drivers tab.
    4. If the version is lower than “2011.110.7001.00” – install SQL Native Client on the Netwrix Auditor host.
    5. Restart Netwrix Auditor Audit Archive Service.

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