Netwrix Auditor System Health – Event ID 1255

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Netwrix Auditor System Health Log contains the following EventID: 1255

“Site collection <URL> cannot be found.”

An invalid site collection URL was specified during creation of a monitoring plan, or the specified site collection is in the “Locked – No Access” status.

Do one of the following depending on the reason:

  • Navigate to SharePoint Central Administration > Application Management > Configure quotas and locks, select the target site collection and change its status to “Not Locked”. Alternatively, you can unlock the site using SharePoint Management Shell.
  • Configure Netwrix Auditor:
​Navigate to Monitoring Plans > SharePoint monitoring plan > Item > Edit Item. Go to Changes, select Specific SharePoint objects, and verify the site collection URL.

In order to change site status to “Unlock” using SharePoint Management Shell, follow the steps:

  1. Make sure that data processing account matches with the requirements mentioned in the Microsoft technical article:
  2. SharePoint server, navigate to Start > Microsoft SharePoint Products <version> SharePoint Management Shell.
  3. Execute the following command:  Set-SPSite -Identity “<SiteCollection>” -LockState “<State>

<SiteCollection> is the URL of the site collection that you want to track or unlock.
<State> is one of the following values:

  • Unlock to unlock the site collection and make it available to users.
  • NoAdditions to prevent users from adding new content to the site collection. Updates and deletions are still allowed.
  • ReadOnly to prevent users from adding, updating, or deleting content.
  • NoAccess to prevent users from accessing the site collection and its content. Users who attempt to access the site receive an error.
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