Error: “Collect ‘Exchange_Mailbox’ information warning on server….

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The following error appears: “Collect ‘Exchange_Mailbox’ information warning on server: %owa server name%. The action could not be completed because the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is unavailable. Be sure the service is running and you have network connectivity to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer.
<List of failed procedures>
Microsoft Exchange Management
Last command: SELECT * FROM Exchange_Mailbox
%Date%: Collect ‘Exchange_PublicFolder’ information warning on server: %owa server name%
The HTTP service used by Public Folders is not available, possible causes are that Public stores are not mounted and the Information Store service is not running”.

To resolve that issue, make sure the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is running on the target OWA Server. If the issue persists, exclude the required OWA Server from data collection by modifying the following omitserverlist_ecr.txt file. The configuration file is stored in the product installation folder: C:ProgramFiles (x86)NetWrixAD Change Reporter Full Version. Add one OWA Server name per line, for example:OWA-SERVER01

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