Types of the data collection for File Servers auditing

File Server
6.5 and older
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There are 2 types of the data collection for File Server auditing solution:
1. Default – Enhanced mode, that processes extended information, such as file attributes and permissions in addition to native Windows audit events. During the data collection the product creates a full snapshot of the file server shares and compare it to the snapshot collected during the previous data collection, this way it gets changes. Afterwards the product uses the security event logs to get the Who/What/When/Where information.
2. Basic mode (Large Server Support), that process only native audit events generated by the Windows Security event log. It is recommended to speed up data collection from file servers storing a large amount of data (500 000 and more files). To access this option, expand the required Managed Object node in the left Netwrix Auditor console pane and select the File Servers node. The option’s box “Enable large server support” will be displayed on the settings page on the right.

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