Collection failed, because the domain controllers of the specified domain could not be reached

Logon Reporter
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The NetWrix Logon Reporter status report contains the “Collection failed, because the domain controllers of the specified domain could not be reached” error.

There are few reasons why the error appears:

  1. Domain controller is not responding.
  2. The empty collection selected.
  3. There is a defect in the product.

  1. Make sure the domain name can be successfully resolved and the domain controllers are accessible from the computer where NetWrix Logon Reporter is installed. Perform the following test:
  • Logon to the computer where the NetWrix Logon Reporter software is installed under the account you specified to run the NetWrix Logon Reporter scheduled task.
  • Run the Event Viewer snap-in.
  • Click the Action menu and select “connect to Another computer…” problematic domain controller. Click OK.
  • Make sure a successful connection be made to the problematic domain controller.
  1. Check your NetWrix Logon Reporter configuration.
  • Atleast one of the following boxes must be enabled: Domain controllers, Servers, Workstations.
  • If the All Computers in domain option is not selected, atleast one organizational unit must be added to the Organizational Unit list. Specified organizational unit should contain atleast one machine of the selected machines types (Domain controllers, Servers, Workstations).
NetWrix Logon Reporter configuration

If the above steps do not resolve this issue, Contact NetWrix Technical Support.

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