.NET Framework 2.0 is required

Password Manager
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I have a problem installing Password Manager on Windows server 2012 Standard. I have latest .NET version, but the setup can not see it.
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Netwrix Password Manager requires .NET framework 2.0.
Windows 2012 by default has .NET 4.5 installed, but .NET 4.5 is not backward compatible with 2.0 because it does not include libraries from .NET 2.0

.NET 3.5 does include necessary libraries from .NET 2.0.  To resolve the issue enable .NET 3.5 in Server features.

  1. Launch Server manager
  2. In the upper right corner select Managed – Add roles and feature.

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  1. A wizard opens. Follow the wizard until you get to the Features list
  2. Enable check-box in front of .NET framework 3.5 features

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  1. Click Install
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