Users access their own mailboxes

6.5 and older
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The Non-owner Mailbox Access Reporter shows that users access their own mailboxes.

In Exchange 2010 there is a Mailbox Archive option that creates a linked mailbox with the same name as the user’s own mailbox. The users is not an owner of that linked archive mailbox. Each time the user runs Outlook, it reads the archive mailbox content(performs non-owner access).

In order to omit such events please perform the following steps:

  1. On the Exchange server, run the Exchange Management Shell and perform the following cmdlet ‘Get-Mailbox | %{$mailboxstring = “”; $mailboxstring += “%domain name%”;$mailboxstring += “\”;$mailboxstring += $_.samaccountname; $mailboxstring += “=”; $mailboxstring += $_.emailaddresses[0].addressstring; echo $mailboxstring >> C:\usermailboxesomitlist.txt}’ (without quotes and replace the %domain name% with netbios name of your domain name).
  2. Copy the usermailboxesomitlist.txt from the Exchange server to the Non-owner Mailbox Access Reporter installation folder, by default it is
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Netwrix Auditor\Non-owner Mailbox Access Reporter for Exchange

NOTE: If you create a new user with mailbox, you should add it to the existing usermailboxesomitlist.txt file located at the Non-owner Mailbox Access Reporter home folder using the following format: domain\username=mailbox (E.g.: CORP\

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