SQL Server Reporting Services Report shows the «No server found» in the Server Name field

6.5 and older
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You see changes in the daily summary reports, but if you are trying to generate an SSRS report for SharePoint, in the Server name field you see “No Servers Found”
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The report tries to retrieve data for specified date range but finds that that database contain no data  and includes the “No Servers found” message into the server list.

  1. Please check that the SQL SRS server configuration is specified properly to the product configuration (Run the product and press the Configure button near the Advanced Reporting (SQL SRS) label)
  2. Run the Viewer (Start>Programs>NetWrix Share Point Change Reporter ), select at least two snapshots for the dates you received changes in the summary report and click the Generate button.
  3. If the generated report on step above contains all the changes you received in daily emails, upload data to SQL server by using the DB Importer tool (Start>Programs>NetWrix Share Point Change Reporter>DB Importer ),  select the corresponding server name, first and last snapshots (time range) that the data should be uploaded for.
  4. After that, go back to the SQL Report Manager > Share Point Change Reporter and try to generate the necessary report.
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