Expiry notifications sent to some users only

Password Expiration Notifier
6.5 and older
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The expiry notifications are only being received by some users but not all. Some users from the administrative report do not receive any notification.

Password Expiration Notifier has two options for user notifications:

  • Notify a user whose password is going to expire in X days every day during X days. In this case all people listed in admin report will receive a notification every day.

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  • Notify a user only 3 times on specified days (when there is specified number of days left until password expiration). In this case admin report will be sent every day, but only people with a number of days left until password expiration that equals one of 3 specified numbers will receive a notification
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Please make sure Password Expiration Notifier is configured correctly.

Also please make sure that notifications are not considered as spam.

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