Agent not responding

User Activity Video Recording
6.5 and older
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Agent for User Activity Video Recording shows status Not Responding after install.

This issue is often caused by the ports being blocked by Windows Firewall or some other software/hardware.

In order to troubleshoot the issue please perform the following steps:
1. Disable Windows firewall on local and target servers;
2. Make sure that the following ports are opened on the local and target server: 

TCP & UDP: 9002 & 9003 (DynamID authentication) 
TCP & SMTP: For email notifications: 25 TCP & SMTP (For email notifications on local machine) 
TCP & UDP: 53 DNS 
TCP & UDP: 88 Kerberos 
TCP & UDP:135 RPC 
TCP & UDP:139 NetBIOS 
TCP & UDP: 389 LDAP 
TCP: 445 SMB 
TCP: 1433 SQL (on local machine to write data to the database) 
TCP & UDP: 3268 LDAP 
TCP & UDP: 137 NetBIOS Name Service 
TCP & UDP: 138 NetBIOS Datagram (Browsing) 

3. Make sure that the following services are started – WMI, RPC, Remote Registry;
4. Try to connect to services remotely using the service account (services.msc).
5. Try to re-install agent on the target server; with the UACoreSvcSetup.msi found in the install path on the Netwrix Host (default path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Netwrix Auditor\User Activity Video Recording)

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