All users are able to access all Password Manager portals

Password Manager
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All users are able to access all Password Manager portals, regardless of the roles assigned within Password Manager.

A user has been specified for path credentials in IIS. You need to use pass-through authentication, so the credentials of the user using the website are passed through, instead of forcing a service account/specific user.

Perform the following steps in IIS on the Netwrix Password Manager Server:

  1. Open IIS
  2. Click on Default Web Site or whatever site you put Netwrix Password Manager under
  3. Click Basic Settings on the right
  4. Click the Connect as… button
  5. Select Application user (pass-through authentication)

Note that the Self Service Portal uses Anonymous Authentication so any user should be able to access it but only users defined in the Role are allowed to perform actions on their accounts.

See the image below for reference

User-added image

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