Issue with exporting data to the Excel format.

6.5 and older
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You are getting error like the following when trying to export report to the Excel format:

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Microsoft Excel has a limit for total number of characters that a cell can contain (32,767). ( If some report fields contain more that 32,767 characters it cannot be exported to the Excel format.

In order to resolve an issue you need to find out fields that contain more 32,767 characters and get the list of changes that produce so much data in one cell. Then you will need to exclude such changes from being reported with omit files located in the product installation directory. For example, if it is a change to some AD attribute you can omit it with omitproplist.txt file located in the 
product installation directory (C:Program Files (x86)NetWrixAD Change Reporter Full Version).

To be able export historical data to the Excel format you will need to delete problematic rows from the database.
For example, 
if it is a change to some AD attribute, you can use the following SQL query to delete all changes to this attribute.

USE NetWrix_AD_Change_Reporter; 
Delete Changes 
FROM Changes INNER JOIN PropChanges 
ON Changes.ChangeId = PropChanges.ChangeId 
WHERE PropChanges.Propname like ‘<attribute name>’ 

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