Warning: “The NetwrixSQLCRAudit database with audit data does not exist or cannot be accessed”

SQL Server
6.5 and older
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You received a Change Summary containing incorrect data or no data at all. You also see the following message:
Warning: The NetwrixSQLCRAudit database with audit data does not exist or cannot be accessed“.

Review the possible causes of this issue:

  1. The database was not created and does not exist on the monitored server.
  2. The default Data Processing Account used to collect data from the monitored SQL Servers was changed.
  3. The database is in the recovery mode.
  4. The account, which is assigned the database owner role of the monitored database, has no access to the NetwrixSQLCRAudit database.

Depending on the issue cause, try one of the following solutions:

  1. Check if the NetwrixSQLCRAudit database exists on the monitored server.
  2. Make sure that the account under which Netwrix Auditor is running has enough privileges on the SQL Server. Make sure it is assigned the db_owner role.
  3. Grant all db_owners of the monitored databases rights to write into the NetWrixSQLCRAudit database. Alternatively, replace all db_owner accounts with the account under which Netwrix Auditor runs.
  4. In SQL Server Management Studio, right-click the monitored database and select Properties navigate to the Options tab. Make sure that the Compatibility level is set to the SQL Server version that is currently running.
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