All managed objects disappeared from the console

Setup and Configuration
6.5 and older
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When launching the Netwrix Management Console, the list of Managed Objects is empty. After recreating a Managed Object it is then gone again after re-loading the Netwrix Management Console the next time.

Managed objects list and settings are stored in a configuration file called NetWrixChangeReporterConfig.xml located in the ProgramData folder.
Managed objects could disappear if this file was corrupted or removed.

In order to resolve the issue, remove the config file and its backup. Then you will be able to recreate the managed objects and sessions will not be lost.
In order to do this follow these steps:

  1. Close the Management console
  2. Navigate to C:ProgramDataNetWrixManagement Console (in Windows XP/2003 C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataNetWrixManagement Console)
  3. Remove NetWrixChangeReporterConfig.xml
  4. Remove all .bak files located in the folder
  5. Launch the console and try to create a managed object.

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Note:  If you do 3rd party backups that allow you to do File Level Restores you could also restore the configuration XML file from backup from a known good date.  Once you restart the Netwrix Management Console your Managed Objects should then appear.

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