Database contains tables not compatible with the product

Netwrix Auditor SQL Databases
6.5 and older
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Your audited system fails with the following error:

Error saving history to database: Database %name of database%
already contains tables that are not compatible with the product

Database permissions for the Data Processing Account are not sufficient. The Data Processing Account must either be a Sysadmin or have DB_Owner permission to each Netwrix database in order to upload audit data to the reporting database

Using SQL Management Studio give the Data Processing Account DB_Owner rights to the product database in question.

To do this perform the following:

1) Log into the instance which contains the product database using SQL Management Studio with a sysadmin account.

2) Expand Security and then Logins.
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3) Right click the Data Processing Account and go to Properties (add the account if it doesn’t exist).
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4) Under Server Roles you can give sysadmin to this account OR alternatively you can go to User Mapping and select each Netwrix database individually and add DB_Owner permissions.
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