The enrollment wizard starts every time a user logs in

Password Manager
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An enrollment wizard pops up every time a user logs in. After completing the wizard, a message appears confirming that the enrollment procedure has been successful. However, on next login, the wizard pops up again.
In the Password Manager administrative console, the user appears as not enrolled into the system.

Such behavior occurs because of authentication issues. Enrollment wizard uses Windows authentication to pass crednetials of a user to Password Manager server. The authentication can be configured incorrectly, and because of it another user gets enrolled instead of the correct user.

If you are using single server instalaltion, make sure that the gina_set_answers.asp and gina_set_answers_anonymous.asp files are configured to use Windows-integrated authentication in the IIS.

To do it in IIS7, perform the following steps
  1. Run IIS Manager (inetmgr)
  2. In the left pane, locate the NetWrix Password Manager virtual directrory (“PM” by default)
  3. Switch to the Content view

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  1. Select  gina_set_answers.asp (or gina_set_answers_anonymous.asp respectivly) from the list
  2. Right-click it and select Switch to Features view

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  1. Select Authentication under IIS group
  2. Make sure Windows authentication is Enabled and all other are Disabled

NOTE. For DMZ setup, gina_set_answers.asp should have all authentication types set to Disabled. gina_set_answers_anonymous.asp should only have Windows authentication set to Enabled and all other types of authentication set to Disabled.

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