Error: “0x80040605 Failed to process a request … (0x80070721 A security package specific error occurred)”.

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When trying to connect to Netwrix Auditor Server (with Netwrix Auditor client or Integration API), you get the following error:

0x80040605 Failed to process a request because the target server is unreachable (0x80070721 A security package specific error occurred).

You are trying to contact Netwrix Auditor Server by its IP address while NTLM authentication is disabled through group policy. In this case, Windows cannot resolve server’s IP address into a service principal name (SPN) and Kerberos authentication fails.
Review a list of NTLM restricting policies and their settings:

  • Network Security: Restrict NTLM: Audit Incoming NTLM Traffic – Deny all accounts
  • Network Security: Restrict NTLM: NTLM authentication in this domain – Deny all
  • Network Security: Restrict NTLM: Outgoing NTLM traffic to remote servers – Deny all
  • Network security: Do not store LAN Manager hash value on next password change – Enabled
  • Network security: LAN Manager authentication level – Send NTLMv2 response only. Refuse LM & NTLM 

Netwrix recommends enabling NTLM authentication.
If for some reason, you cannot enable NTLM authentication, review the following workaround: contact Netwrix Auditor Server by its computer name. For example, WKSWin12R2, EnterpriseWKS.enterprise.local.

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